Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

Family Care

cindyWe have known Dr. Berk for more than 10 years and have relied on him for the personalized and professional care he is known for. Once we had Presley and Kaia it was only natural to have Dr. Berk check them after they were born and go for regular check-ups to keep them healthy.

Not only is it a source of comfort to know we can call Dr. Berk anytime with almost any health question and get a balanced answer on our family care questions, but we trust him with our most precious gifts, our kids.

Whether we were pregnant, had sports injuries or just needed a tune up, Dr. Berk is always there for us.

Thanks Dr. B

All our love,
Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber.

Loren Avedon

Lower Back Pain

Loren1I have been a patient of yours now for the last 7 years, as a result, my lower back pain and spondy(L4 & L5) as well as my T 12 have not caused me Spasms in my back. I will be 42 this year and I feel like a teenager. I am able to continue doing Martial Arts, Action Specialist work in movies and TV and live a more normal life. Even though for most people doing the splits or a fight scene with 5 or 6 opponents, or training with world class martial artists whether sparring, or doing demonstration drills and aerial kicking is not normal... it is for me!

I look forward to seeing you every week for adjustments and it is evident that I am healthier, more pain free and agile because of your treatment(s). I do not get sick as often as I did before coming to you for treatment. It seems that when others are going through Flu season and are constantly sick I seem to have a greater resistance.

I wish I had come to you when I was much younger, however Chiropractic care was not common and those doctors that had been adjusting me seemed to hurt me more than help me. Just the opposite in your case. You are definitely a healer.

Thank you again Doctor Berk for all you have done for my health.

Best Regards,

Loren Avedon
5th Dan Tae Kwon Do (W.T.F.)
7th Dan Hap Ki Do (I.H.A.)

Marcus Allen

Sports Injury

marcus_allenAfter 16 years of professional football, you can expect pain to be a daily part of your life! But under the care of Dr. Berk, my life after football has been virtually pain free. You are my Hall of Fame Chiropractor.

-Marcus Allen

Jeff Santiago

Wrist Injury

I’ll just come out and say it, Dr. Berk saved my wrist. I had never been to a chiropractor before slamming my wrist into a mountainside while snowboarding. Seriously bad news being I’m a guitarist. After my accident I couldn’t play, steer a car or even pick up a cup of coffee. I was so freaked out I convinced myself I needed surgery.

Thankfully, a close friend, a patient of Dr, Berk, calmed me down and steered me in the right direction. After examining my wrist, Dr. Berk talked me out of any drastic surgeries and with delicate hands rehabilitated my wrist. The music goes on.

Now I continue visits with Dr. Berk to maintain better overall health.

Thanks Dr. Berk!


Jeff Santiago

Carmine Caridi

Thank You Dr. Berk

carmine_caridiDr. Berk has been the savior of my body. His knowledge of the spine is so expert that it astounds me. His technique is so delicate it reminds one of a superb mechanic.

I will always be a patient of his because I trust him with my life!

Carmine Caridi

The Stefan Family

Family Care

Stefan_smI have been an athlete all of my life and even at the collegiate level I never believed in Chiropractors or acupuncture. I thought a little ice could cure just about anything. As I got older and my body stop responding the way it did when I was young, I had to find other solutions to heal. Finally, on one occasion when I could not turn my head in either direction my wife took me to see Dr. Berk. I was still very skeptical, but I was desperate for a cure. After one adjustment my range of motion was immediately improved, after the second, I was perfect. Sore from the subluxation that was the cause of my immobilization, but completely cured and a believer in this amazing form of healing.

Over the years, I have seen Dr. Berk regularly for adjustments on injuries, to keep my posture straight, and to prevent the possibility of pinched nerves and degenerated discs in my neck and spine. I have grown to respect him so much as my Doctor and as my friend that we trusted him to fix our 1-year-old daughter when she was having trouble with her hips and we feared that she may have some unthinkable ailment. It turns out she just needed a minor adjustment, and she was perfectly fine and healthy. Little kids get out of whack even more than we do. Finally, when my wife was pregnant with our third baby we were told that we would have to schedule a C-section because the unborn child was breached (turned in the wrong direction). My wife went to see Dr. Berk and he was able to turn the baby without causing any discomfort to my wife or the baby.

Labor was very long and when the baby was born, she was constantly crying. We had avoided criers with our first two kids and thought that the odds had finally caught up with us. My wife too was miserable after over 28 hours of labor and as soon as she was able she went with the newborn to Dr. Berk so that they could both be adjusted. They both stopped crying. For that I will be forever grateful. He is truly as special person and an incredible friend. The way he handles my children, who are shy by nature and hate “doctors”, is incredible. He makes it fun for them and truly keeps them healthy and safe.

To thank him I invited he and his wife to my house for a BBQ. When he looked at my 225 pound arthritic Mastiff who could barely get off the ground to greet him, he immediately went to work on the dog. I thought he was kidding, by the guy fixed my dog. So now, we all go, Dad, Mom, Antonio, Sofia, Ava, Lucy the Mastiff and Jack the Dog. When I need a present, I give people gift certificates to go and see Dr. Berk. He is truly a gift, and he should be shared with your friends, family and loved ones.

We love you Dr. Berk and we thank you for taking such good care of our family.

J, Amanda, Antonio, Sofia, Ava, Lucy the Mastiff, and Jack the Dog Stefan

Tiffany Cade


Tiffany_Cade"Before I met Dr. Berk I had always been a bit skeptical of Chiropractors. It took a while for me to make my first appointment even though Dr. Berk came highly recommended by two different people. Now I see Dr. Berk on a regular basis for overall health maintenance. I originally went to see him for a knee injury. At the time I had 7 warts on my right foot. It was terribly embarrassing and my foot was constantly covered with Band-Aids. I had been trying to get rid of them for years but nothing would work. Low and behold after only 6 visits with Dr. Berk I woke up one morning and noticed that every single wart had completely disappeared. I couldn’t believe it! After spending so much money, time and pain at my dermatologist (freezing & Topical solutions) they were finally gone. I walked into his office with a knee injury and walked out healthier overall."

Tiffany Cade

Esteban Rios

Workers Compensation Injury

estibanI began seeing Dr. Berk after injuring my low back at work. I had a lot of low back pain and stiffness with pain running down the back of my leg, and I could not bend or move in any direction without severe pain. I was having trouble sleeping, walking, sitting and could not go to work.

Almost immediately after the first adjustment I was able to move much better with less pain. In fact I was able to go back to work after only missing two days of work! We then began the specialized work rehabilitation and exercise program right in the clinic and I have gotten stronger and stronger every day. I am now back to full range of motion with no pain, and more importantly back to work and able to do all the heavy lifting I want.

Dr. Berk's office made it very easy for me to schedule my appointments around my work schedule and even handled all of the forms and paperwork for my workers compensation; I didn't have to worry about anything except getting healthier.

I want to thank Dr. Berk for helping me build a new, stronger and healthier back. I feel better now than I did even before my back was injured. Again, thanks Dr. Berk for everything you have done.

Esteban Rios

Gail A. Brackett


Gail_Brackett_Horse_PictureAs a person who had suffered not only with tension headaches almost daily throughout my adult life, but also debilitating migraines, I can not thank Dr. Berk enough for the physical freedom and strength he has helped me achieve.

Like many, when I first came to Dr. Berk over six years ago, I was skeptical. The first thing he did was take an x-ray of my spine. I was stunned to see how crooked I was. Dr. Berk began to educate me on exactly how my spinal issues were causing my headaches. They were headaches that resulted in either trips to the emergency room after 6 or 7 hours of vomiting, or if I caught them early enough, non-stop intake of Imitrex migraine medicine.

One year after first seeing Dr. Berk, we took another x-ray. I smiled to see an almost perfectly aligned and straight spine, not to mention that I was almost migraine-free. I learned how to “feel” the early signs of the misalignment that leads to those headaches and get in for an adjustment.

Today I am an avid three-day event rider flying high with my horse Tiger. The impact and physical rigors of my sport continually stress my spine. Without a doubt, it is Dr. Berk and his steadfast care that helps keeps me healthy and riding competitively with success. I am so convinced of chiropractic’s contribution to health, that my mare Tiger gets regular adjustments as well – and she’d get them from Dr. Berk just like me if he weren’t so allergic.

For all that he has enabled in my life, I give Dr. Berk my profound gratitude and life-long patronage, not to mention my highest recommendation."

Gail A. Brackett

Scott Benton

Back and Neck Pain

Scott BentonIn February 2001, I was playing in an adult ice hockey game and things were not going well. I was sitting on the bench, hunched over, and my lower back and neck were killing me. I didn’t know what to do. I knew about chiropractics (my grandfather had been a chiropractor), and I had been a patient of a local chiropractor for a few years, but I wasn’t getting any better. In fact, things were getting worse. Only a few weeks before the chiropractor I was seeing had taken a new set of x-rays of my back. He told me I had adult isthmic spondylolisthesis, which means that a vertebra in my lower back was cracked and had slipped forward over the vertebra in front of it.

I was a little overwhelmed by the news. Did this mean my back was only going to get worse over the years? How was I going to deal with the pain? Was I going to have to give up sports? Would I end up in a wheel chair? I wasn’t sure what to do, and my chiropractor at the time wasn’t offering me much help. Because of the nature of the injury, my chiropractor wasn’t even willing to adjust my lower back for fear of further aggravating the problem.

But while I was sitting there on the bench that night in February, a player sitting next to me asked what was wrong. I told him my back hurt, and I explained my problem to him. He told me he too had a “spondy.” He also said he was a chiropractor and that I should come down to his office and he would see what he could do.

The ice hockey player whom I talked to that night was Dr. Evan Berk. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Berk’s ever since—and the results have been amazing.

During my first visit, Dr. Berk looked over the x-rays my previous chiropractor had shot, and then he took a few more x-rays to get a better look at the spondy. He explained to me what a spondy was. He explained how he went about treating a spondy. And he also explained the other issues that were going on with my back and neck. The two things that surprised me about this first visit was the amount of time Dr. Berk spent talking to me as well as his willingness to answer all my questions in a way I could understand.

I started seeing the doctor twice a week. I also started going to a masseuse in order to loosen up my muscles so the adjustments would be more effective. After six months, I started to notice significant improvement in my back. There was much less pain and fewer muscle spasms. I remained committed to the treatment plan and after a year I was again playing ice hockey, skiing, lifting weights, and jogging relatively pain free.

Now, four years latter, my back feels remarkably “normal.” I can sleep through the night without waking up due to back pain. I can go for long walks without my back tightening up and pain running down my legs. My calves are no longer tight as steel due to the muscle spasms in my lower back. And, best of all, I now only see Dr. Berk once or twice per month for a “tune-up” adjustment.

It’s been a long road to recovery, and it took a lot of effort on my part as well as the doctor’s. But I can safely say that if I hadn’t met Dr. Berk that night at the ice hockey rink, I would probably, due to the pain, be a miserably unhappy human being right now . . . all because of a back problem that turned out to be totally manageable.

Scott Benton

Carol Sanders

Carpal Tunnel

Carol_SandersIf Only I'd known Then What I know now.

In 1992 I had the first tingling in my fingers in my right hand. I went to an orthopedist and was given nerve conduction tests. I was told that there was nothing wrong and I was given a splint to wear.

By 1994 my hands were in so much pain I went to another orthopedist and was given two types of splints, one for my wrist and one for tendonitis in my thumb. I had ultrasound therapy, hot wax therapy, massage and medicines. I was given many different pills; neuron tin was given to me for the nerves in my hand, but all it did was make me lethargic. I later found out it was an epilepsy medication. I was also given creams to numb the pain; over the counter creams and other specially mixed up concoctions whipped together like from a mad scientist's laboratory.

In 1999 I had surgery for carpal tunnel on my right wrist. The first surgery didn't do much. I soon found myself in excruciating pain and I ended up having exploratory surgery one year later. There was some relief, but I still suffered from debilitating pain and was told that I was permanently partially disabled. I had little hope of any long-term relief.

Then, after suffering from back pain that left my 40-year-old body feeling like a 70 year old woman, I went to Dr. Berk. He took an extensive history of my physical ailments and after adjusting my body I suddenly felt young and agile again. I asked if he could help my carpal tunnel and he started working on my hands and wrists.

Today I visit Dr. Berk's once a month or so and receive adjustments. I still feel pain, but it is nothing compared to the pain I was feeling the ten years prior. And when I do feel pain, I make an appointment with Dr. Berk and I experience relief. I believe that if I had started working with Dr. Berk in 1992 I would not have been through the ordeal of two surgeries and many unsuccessful visits to orthopedists and occupational therapists.

I recommend Dr. Berk highly. He has changed my physical and mental life."

Carol Sanders

Theresa Prater

Back and Hip Mis-Alignment

Therese_PraterI can’t thank you enough for changing my life through the treatment you have given me. I am finally comfortable with my body, without the aches and pains. I wish I had met you sooner. At age 41 now, I can say the past problems with my back, neck, hips, right knee and right foot went on for at least the last 20 years. Within the last 8 months that you have been working on me, I can say that I’m fully back to normal, which I thought could never ever happen due to the surgery of a varicose vein removal on my right leg and the plantar fasciitis on my right foot.

Prior to meeting you I have seen doctors at Kaiser Permanente who told me that there was nothing they could do, but at last resort surgery would be the only option, yet he didn’t recommend it. Basically he was telling me that I had to live with the pain.

Before working with you, I was treated by a chiropractor in Studio City who told me that my right foot had atrophy. Yet, he didn’t really have a cure. I was convinced that these were the symptoms of getting older, and I was supposed to live with it.

You are the only doctor that also made me aware of the fact that my leg problem was coming from my back and hip mis-alignment.

If I had to give any of your clients advice it would be to #1- See you through the treatment you recommend. #2- Then, to continue seeing you and understand that it will take time to heal. I learned that if it took 20 or more years to get like this, that it takes a little time to get well again. The body slowly, but surely will come back to it’s proper alignment, with your care, of course.

You are truly a miracle worker and I would highly recommend you to anyone who has any kind of ache, pain or other symptoms of discomfort. I also lost about 20 pounds just because my body and digestion are working so much better. I didn’t exercise or diet at all. I also have not had one headache and I used to get them once or twice a month. Thank you for all your care!

Theresa Prater

Philip Waddilove

Knee Pain

Philip WaddiloveIn May of 1999, when I was 70, I woke up one morning to find that my right knee was severely swollen and was causing me excruciating pain - I was unable to walk without a stick. There appeared to be no explanation for this - I had not twisted my knee or fallen or indeed done anything to my knowledge that could have been the cause. Generally I was otherwise in excellent health.
I visited UCLA Medical Center in Westwood where my knee was x-rayed. My physician there said that the x-ray showed no major abnormalities. He was of the opinion that my condition could be a strain, or possibly rheumatoid arthritis or even gout. His only recommendation was that I stayed off my feet, and he gave me prescriptions for pain killers and a course of physical therapy at the Center. After three months of twice-weekly physical therapy sessions there, my knee finally returned to normal.

In December of 2003, I again woke up one morning with my left knee in a similar condition to that which my right knee had been in three years previously - once again I was barely able to walk. I was about to return to UCLA Medical Center when a friend in our company told me that there was an excellent chiropractor in the same complex as our company office. My friend suggested that I first give the chiropractor - Dr. Evan Berk - a try. Thirty minutes later I was being treated by Dr. Berk. Following a second treatment by him the following day, my knee had practically returned to normal. Dr. Berk explained to me that the pain in my knee had in fact - on both occasions - been caused by my lower back being out of alignment.
This month - September 2005 - I had an identical repeat experience with my left knee and, once again, after just two visits to Dr. Berk to have my back realigned, I was walking freely.

During the almost two-year interval between the two major problems with my left knee, whenever I have experienced pains in either my neck, my shoulder, my feet or my ankles, I have fled back to Dr. Berk. I now realize that the root cause of my problems is invariably the misalignment of my back, and I also recognize that regular visits to Dr. Berk's office for maintenance are the only way to solve my problems on a continuing basis. For this I thank Evan Berk, my insurance company and God - in that order!

Philip Waddilove